Presented by the Prince George Agricultural and Historical Association

The BCNE would like to Acknowledge and Thank:

The BCNE would like to thank the City of Prince George for working together with the BCNE on the new city lease. This ten year agreement on the rodeo grounds allows us to put down roots and allows us to further invest and nurture in the grounds. We can then continue to work with the local rodeo and horse society groups so they can have more stability in expanding the future of the BCNE. Our excellent relationship with the City Mayor and counsellors will positively impact community involvement and continue to put smiles on faces. We would like to express our appreciation as the BCNE board for the continued support and optimism we have received for the City of Prince George.

We have been fortunate enough to receive financial commitment from the BC Community gaming grant. We would like to thank the MLA’s for their continued support and recognition of the importance that the BCNE serves to our community. Without them we would not be able to continue to do what we do. This grant money allows for us maintain our place in the community, provide volunteer opportunities and advocate for local Agricultural and Historical importance. Going forward hand in hand with the MLA’s allow us to help the BCNE be bigger and better every year. We would not be here without the aid of the grants and we would not receive the grants without the help of our invaluable MLA’s and all that are involved.

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