The Prince George Agricultural and Historical Association announces that with respect to Health Care Workers, Essential Workers and the health and well-being of our greater community, and following the recommendations of Dr. Bonnie Henry, the British Columbia Northern Exhibition 2020 will be cancelled.

This decision was not made lightly, but we know that it was the right one. This would have been our 108th year. The BCNE has survived many hurdles in the past such as wars, the depression, wildfires, and hard economic times. With the support of our community we will survive COVID-19 as well. 

We would like to thank you for all of your support and dedication. We look forward to what the 2021 BCNE will bring. 

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Held annually since 1912 the BCNE is proudly presented by the Prince George Agricultural and Historical Association

Three years before the City of Prince George was incorporated and the same year the titanic sank, the first Prince George Exhibition was held! According to Ted Williams, one of Prince George’s most notable local historians, “A few men met, had a few drinks, put their straw hats together and came up with the idea of a fall fair”. They hoped that townspeople and farmers in the district would exhibit, compete, enjoy themselves and draw the community together. Only in a handful of instances has the fair been cancelled; it has weathered the storm of world wars, times of hardship and prosperity, growth and development, growing pains and change. The 107th BCNE has come and gone with blazing success. Please stay tuned for information regarding the 2020 British Columbia Northern Exhibition! Read more about the BCNE.