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Chainsaw Carvers

The Carvers:

Liam Tromans:

Liam Tromans, born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has been involved in drawing and painting nature and wildlife since childhood. A professional logger for over 30 years, he began chainsaw carving at his worksites in 2000 using self-taught techniques. his respect and love of nature can be seen in the details of his work.

Liams carvings and artwork continue to evolve and his focus on wildlife has expanded to both the fanciful (dragons and gnomes) Liam has also been fortunate  to be able to attend competitions across Canada and internationally. Liam was a member of the 2017 STIHL team winning gold in Germany and recently placed First at the Powell River Logger Sports Chainsaw Carving Competition. Liam’s works and you-tube Videos can be found online or at his workshop in Chemainus, British Columbia.

Levi Caya:

Levi Caya is a sculptor from Apsley, Ontario, Canada who specializes in Canada’s wildlife with specific interest in birds of prey and game fish.
At a young age, Levi’s inspiration stemmed from an interest in his grandfather’s carvings and he has now been carving for more than 16 years.
Over the years Steven Kenzora and Fred Primeau recognized Levi’s passion for carving. This turned into wonderful friendships, and with Fred becoming Levi’s co-op teacher.
Levi’s main medium is wood but he has also works in stone, ice, rubber and wax. Staying true to a rustic style, he is always experimenting and branching out with a variety of different textures and effects.
Levi has travelled to carving events all over Canada and Europe. He has won many Canadian events and has placed at one international event. Levi placed second last year at the 2016 BCNE Carving Competition.

Ryan Cook:

Ryan is an actor-turned carver who, in just a few short years has managed to get a sponsorship deal with Echo Chainsaws, and compete at the World Carving Championships—one of only 4 Canadians to get invited this year. Pioneer wants to take a chance on this dark horse, but Ryan’s goofball reputation precedes him, and the Timber Kings are still a little unsure if they’ve made the right choice bringing him onto the team. Ryan may be a newly minted world champion—but nobody at Pioneer cares. He’ll have to prove himself in the yard, just like everyone else.

Paul Frenette:

Paul Frenette of Kitchner, Ontario has been carving for over 10 years. Paul is a good example of a freak occurrence that led him down the path to tree sculptures. With a background in computer networking systems and electrical engineering, his woodworking career started one weekend when someone stole a statue from his garden. As luck would have it, he was cutting firewood at the time of the theft so he took his anger out on the wood and created a face. And so his passion for Carving began… His favourite carving theme is Fantasy sculptures, gargoyles, dragons and wizards. Paul competes in world class competitions around the world such as US Open and THE CHAINSAW ART COMPETITION IN TOEI, JAPAN , Carving for Cancer in London, Ontario, Canadian Chainsaw Championships for Easter Seals in London Ontario and Maple Madness in Saskatchewan to name a few. He is a Pro Chainsaw Carver and TV personality on Carver Kings.

Roger Malter:

Roger is from Gonnersdorf, Germany, and he is an international carver. He has carved in many different countries including: Namibia, Norway, Poland, Holland, Belgium, England, USA, and Canada. Recently he placed 8th in a Germany Speed Carving Competition.

Jacob Frenette:

Jacob is the son of Carver Kings master carver Paul Frenette. Jacob caught the carving bug at age 13 when he began assisting his dad at carving competitions. Now 21, it’s time for Jacob to decide what he wants to do with his life, and Paul is hoping that the time his son spends at Pioneer will help him figure out whether becoming a pro carver or not – all while dealing with the pressure of not embarrassing his dad on the Pioneer yard…

Randy Gauthier:

A rising Canadian Carver with incredible talent. He competes in high level competitions and has placed many times.

Marina Cole:

I am Marina Cole from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Always having the love for art since I was young. I had tried many mediums to find what I was searching for such as painting, drawing, sculpting. I had one day seen a carving of a dragon from Japan and immediately fell in love.

My journey with wood carving started around four years ago where I would use hand tools to create whatever I felt was in the piece of wood I was working with.In April I was lucky enough to run into a great chainsaw carver who took me under his wing and showed me my way around the saw. Ever since I’ve been creating as much as I can. Having my family by my side for the journey.

In June I had entered my first competition as a novice and had been voted Campbell Rivers Carvers Choice alongside the amazing carver JR Henderson.

Roderick Brown

Rod is a wood sculptor based on banks of the Skeena River, just outside Terrace, BC. Rod is originally from Ontario where he grew up around the lakes and forests of central Ontario. He’s always had a passion for creating art and it was his family’s move to BC in 2009 that set his career in wood sculpting in motion. Rod’s current studio work specializes in stylized fish and wildlife sculptures.

Rod has participated in several group and solo art shows. Carving competitions and demos have also become an exciting focus of his work.

A portfolio of current and past work is available online here:


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