Presented by the Prince George Agricultural and Historical Association


Win a FREE DAY OF UNLIMITED RIDES to this year’s BCNE Spring Fair!

How to Win?

  1. Print off a Coloring Sheet!
  2. Use your artistic skills to color it!
  3. Fill out your name, age, and telephone number!
  4. Drop it off at the BCNE office through the mailslot! Or come in and say hi to us!

Shoutout to West Coast Amusements for sponsoring the contest! They will be visiting us May 12-14 during the annual BCNE Fair!

Winners are as follows: One (1) in February, one (1) in March, one (1) in April, and two (2) in May.

Contest Ends May 8, 2017!



BC Fairs $2000 Scholarship Award Application:

Bingo Hauser Memorial $1000 Scholarship Award Application: