President’s Choice Superdogs

The Superdogs will be at the BCNE all four days! Check out the showtimes here.

40 years is a long time. Maybe not for a giant redwood, or the orbit of Pluto, but certainly for a theatrical production. And yet that’s how long The President’s Choice SuperDogs have been entertaining audiences all over the world. To put it into perspective, they’ve been around longer than cellphones, IMAX movies, home computers, and all the SuperDogs really wanted us to mention this one, the broadway show Cats.

They’ve been the subject of television specials (ESPN’s SuperDogs! SuperJocks!), the inspiration for feature films (Daniel and the Superdogs), they’ve appeared on hundreds of television shows, from Canada’s Got Talent to CBC’s The Rick Mercer Report, and they just keep getting better!

Touring constantly across North America, the SuperDogs draws from a talent pool of about 150 experienced trainers in different parts of the country who bring their family dogs and become cast members for these remarkable productions. Fast-paced, interactive, heart-warming and hilarious, these are not your average stunt-dog shows. They’re a cross between a Broadway hit and a major sporting event.

The Most Fun on Four Legs are the highest jumping, fastest dogs in the world. Here’s a bit more about what makes a family pet a SuperDog…

  • About 40% of the SuperDogs have been adopted from SPCA, Humane Society and local shelters.
  • There are over 40 different breeds of SuperDogs. We think any dog can be super!