Presented by the Prince George Agricultural and Historical Association

Rules and Regulations for Vendors and Concessionaires

1. Contract for Space Rental: No space shall be reserved without the required 100% Payment in Full. No refunds will be made for any space not used or for space remaining unoccupied. The BCNE may rent or use it for other purposes with no obligation or refund. Once payment has been paid in full, your location and business name will be placed on our map and posted on the BCNE website for guests to find your business and your location. Once you are placed, that is your location and this will not change.

2. Allotment of Space: The allotment of space shall be at the discretion of the BCNE. Spaces are booked on first come first served (Paid in Full) basis. All efforts will be made to avoid duplicates; however, it is not guaranteed and there may be Vendors selling (some of) the same product/services. In all cases the BCNE reserves the right to reject or accept conditional applications at any time.

3. Use of Space: The space contracted for, is to be used solely for the Vendor whose name appears on the application and only for those products listed on the application. The vendor agrees the allotted space shall not be assigned, shared, subleased in whole or part except by written approval of the BCNE.

4. Payment Schedule & Space Cancellation: A minimum of a 50% deposit is due at the time the application is submitted. Payments must be paid in full on or before July 1 at 5:00pm. Additional gate passes must also be purchased at this time or you will be required to purchase your gate admission right at the gates at full price. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, or E-Transfer: or a cheque can be mailed out or dropped off in person with your application.

5. Staffing of Booths: Booths shall be manned by agents of the Vendor, wearing their business/company name tag, at all times the show is officially open.

6. Damage and Liability: The Vendor is responsible for all damages to the BCNE facility, Show Property, or Display Equipment. The BCNE will maintain Security services and will take reasonable precautions to safe guard Vendor’s property, however, the BCNE assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage through any cause of goods, exhibits or any other materials owned, rented or leased by the Vendor.

7. PURCHASED INSURANCE IS TO BE PLACED WITH A COMPANY LICENSED TO PROVIDE INSURANCE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA AND IN THE AMOUNT OF 2,000,000.00 and in Favor of The prince George Agricultural and Historical Association (BCNE) and the City of Prince George

8. The Vendor will accept the space in the condition in which they rented. The vendor will leave the space as they found it. Exhibitors/Vendors will be billed a fee up to $200.00 for any clean up required by the exhibition. Garbage is to be disposed of by the Vendor/Concessionaires in the Bins Provided (NOT in the guest garbage bins)

9. Restrictions: The exhibition has the right to limit the generation of noise, smell, dust, smoke, litter, and method of operation, creation of safety hazards or any other result, which may become objectionable or otherwise distract from or be out of keeping with the character of the show as a whole. Booths must be maintained in a neat and orderly manner throughout the show. Preparation and or serving of food and beverages of any kind without written permission of the BCNE is strictly prohibited.

10. The Consumption of Alcohol or Illicit Drug use or any related illegal activity will result in immediate expulsion from the grounds with NO REFUND and Legal action may apply.

11. Raffles of any type must be cleared through the BCNE – except free draws by the Vendors.

12. Interpretation and Enforcement – The management of the BCNE rests with the Prince George Agricultural and Historical Association (PGAHA). These conditions of contract, display rules and regulations form part of the contract between The Vendor and The BCNE. All matters in question not covered by these regulations are subject in the first instance, to the decision of the President and or the Manager of the PGAHA, or their duly authorized representative(s). All decisions made shall be adhered to by all parties. It is the responsibility of the Vendor or their designated representative to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations.

13. Outdoor Vendors and Concessionaires: are aware that inclement in weather, including thunder, rain, wind and electrical storms can sweep the grounds at any time and must ensure that their tents/display/items are adequately secured and do not pose any danger to any person or their property should inclement weather hit during the BCNE. The BCNE is not responsible for any items damaged due to weather. There are NO REFUNDS for any misfortunate happenings or Loss of Revenue due to weather or any other “act of God”.

14. The sale or display of any item deemed a “Weapon” or that could potentially be used to cause harm to others, including swords, knives, batons, guns or any other firearm – whether fake or real. An item that is deemed a weapon by the BCNE is strictly prohibited from being displayed or sold on the grounds during the British Columbia Northern Exhibition.

15. The sale and display of any item that is deemed as “Drug Paraphernalia” including pipes, rolling papers, roach clips and the like, or in any event, any item being deemed by the BCNE to be “Drug Paraphernalia” is strictly prohibited from being sold or displayed on the grounds during the BCNE.

16. Electrical Outlets must be installed by an approved designate of the BCNE. Each space booked is responsible or their power outlet. BCNE will not be responsible for loss or damage occurred in the event of an overload in power due to sharing an outlet or insufficient wattage in power.

17. The sale or display of any item that is not suitable for a “Family Show” i.e. T-Shirts with degrading or vulgar slogans or, in any event any item that is deemed by the BCNE to be inappropriate, is strictly prohibited from being displayed or sold on grounds during the annual Prince George Exhibition.

a. During the BCNE, the President or the General Manager or the Designate of them of them may be called upon to deem an item, in the case of #15, #16 and #17, as being prohibited from being sold on grounds during the annual Prince George Exhibition.

b. Any Vendor found in non compliance with this Policy may be directed to leave the grounds immediately and for the duration of the event, with no reimbursement of funds due to them and may be banned from future years at the BCNE

18. Signs advertising your business, must remain within your rented space.

If you require Power or Tent Rentals, please order via Central Display at 250-961-4006. The BCNE will not be responsible for a Vendor/Concessionaire who may share the power outlet.

Spaces are subject to an additional $200.00 environmental fee. If the space is left with garbage, oil, oil containers or drain water on the ground.